Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello wanderlusters!

So, this summer is panning out A LOT different than I thought it would. Initially, I thought that I would have TONS of time to write posts almost daily but now I'm lucky if I get a post up once a week...I'm slacking really hard, I know. I also thought that I would have a job...but I don't. I did apply to Urban Outfitters for the last month and a half I am here though with hopes of getting it and then being able to work there again over winter break.

Recently, I've been big into DIY and painting so sometimes when I come home from babysitting or being out with friends instead of writing a blog post I will sit down at my desk and just paint well into the night. I'm currently working on some fashion DIY so once I get those going I will post pictures and tutorials! Some of the projects I am about to get into include: studding Converse shoes, dip-dying/bleaching shorts, making a jean and leather jacket, jewelry and spiking a simple crew neck.

One of the most important things that I told myself I would do this summer is work on my book. I have done some work to it and will continue doing work to it but time just slips right through my fingertips now a days. I did send a summary of my book to a contest where Meg Cabot, a well known author, would read it and if she likes it, she will help me (or whoever wins) get it published. So, my fingers are double crossed because I really enjoy writing and would love to share with the world what I am writing that isn't just blog posts.

The Barcelona posts are going to take some time since we were there for 10 days and did quite a bit but I promise you they are coming and also the long-awaited Guam post will go live tomorrow morning. I'll most likely have more time to write and dedicate to the blog once again once my family leaves for the Czech Republic next week. Until then, most of my time will be spent with them and helping them get ready for their trip.

Just thought I would update everyone and wish you all a lovely Friday and upcoming weekend!

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