Monday, November 26, 2012

Summer Job the Winter?

Definitely had a typed post then deleted it...anyways, I am getting in the Christmas spirit by...looking for summer jobs!

Not just any summer job though, a summer job with EF Tours in either Malta, London or Dublin...leaning more towards Malta though. I mean a summer by the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful city? What gets better than that. Not much...a summer job where you travel and get paid. My type of job. Plus, I mean come on, who wants to get a minimum-wage, lousy summer job in America where you hate the work you are doing (most of the time). Where I live it's pretty hard to get a summer job so I would have to rely on babysitting.

So, Malta, London, Dublin OR babysitting in a hot house with screaming kids...the answer is pretty evident.

Back to the CHRISTMAS spirit, Christmas is my favorite time of the year by the way, the Christmas markets by my house are open leaving me drooling every time I come up from the metro with the delicious pastries they are baking and hot mulled wine. The big Christmas market in Old Town Square opens this Friday, I CANNOT wait. I've always seen pictures but have never been!

I hope some of you wanderlusters will be spending Christmas in Prague or at least visiting the Christmas markets if you are here before Christmas.

Until then, I will be nose-deep in the on wanderlusters!

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