Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Library Excitement

My last few days have been spent studying...then passing out...in the library. Exam time, oh how I love you. I noticed this...odd...guy at the library. He always looks so scared, it makes me laugh even though libraries are supposed to be silent.

Oh, the little joys of studying in a new place.

In more exciting news, going to visit some family in Moravia this weekend so think nature and pretty Czech countryside. Hopefully it won't snow again this time and we can go  explore in the forests and hidden areas. Then next week is Swedish House Mafia's last concert tour here in Prague...cannot...wait. I'm getting antsy just typing this.

The following day? Quite possibly a spontaneous trip to Budapest for the weekend! Keep you posted, the wanderlust in me in kicking into high gear now.

Travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. How are YOU celebrating Thanksgiving? I'm eating some good ole sweet potatoes, turkey then going to a house-warming party of a friend...European Thanksgiving might not be so bad after all.

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