Sunday, November 25, 2012

Everyone has to face-plant in Prague once, right?

Funny thing happened to me today.

After going for a student newspaper meeting at Cafe Louvre...which is my new favorite place in Prague, you have to go if any of you wanderlusters ever visit...I met a friend for tea in Wenceslas Square.

So, after the tea, we parted ways and I'm walking towards the tram in my wedged boots and new red friend calls me "The Woman in Red", why yes, yes I am. Even though I'm not a "woman" I'm a college student, but anyways, back to the story.

I'm on the cobble-stoned streets looking both ways before crossing the tracks to get to the other side, where my tram would be, when I make eye contact with a cute guy. So, of course, like any girl would, you put a little more strut in your walk and do the classic, but obviously not purposeful, hair flip. Yeah. I did that alright and you want to know what happened next?

I face-planted on the road and ate cement, er, cobblestone. Yup. It tasted like cold, hard, dignity-losing cobblestone. Well, first I lost my balance and kind of fell (I usually can save myself in these situations) well this time it was man-down. Lost balance, tried to save myself which ended up only making it worse and then doing the full out "hey guys, look at me! I fell and am now eating the ground like a cow!"

I'm on the ground trying to figure out whether I should get up or just lay there and maybe the cute guy will run over and rescue me from my fall. In about 3 milliseconds I decided to get up, or rather, scramble up to only then stumble/hit the wall of the bank and look like a total drunk mess on a Sunday evening at 22:00. I think it's hilarious when people fall, even when I fall, so upon stumbling up and hitting the wall, I am just dying of laughter, cackling and howling with laughter...the people on the other side were either a) questioning if I was crying or b) pissing themselves laughing. Kind of embarrassing but I'm one of those people who can brush it off by laughing it off.

To avoid looking like some red pea-coated disaster, I called my friend and am laughing so hard the American tourists next to me look at me like I'm on some European drugs with blood seeping through my leggings and laughing into my phone barely able to breath or talk. After getting off the phone with my friend and trying to hide my face from the other side of the tram tracks, I leaned against the wall and thought "shit, my knees are hurting so bad", all of while still laughing to myself. Took me about 30 minutes to finally get the giggles out of my system and when I got home, I discovered some nasty bruises forming on my knees. But hey, what's some bloody, bruised knees and an ounce less of dignity going to do to a girl? Oh yeah, make a relate-able (I hope) blog post...

There you have it wanderlusters...Moral of the story: when trying to be cute and stuff in front of a European guy, make sure to walk SLOWLY and count your steps instead of just whipping your hair back like Willow Smith and trying to get all Nicki Minaj/Beyonce with your booty.

Travel on wanderlusters...and when you come to Prague, I suggest eating some cobblestone, it doesn't taste THAT bad...

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