Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prague Takes Over Paris

In the land of crepes, chocolate croissants, gorgeous French men, great architecture and fashion...I fell in love, with the city, that is.

I've always seen it on Pinterest and in the movies so I made a promise to myself years and years ago that I would take a trip there, even if it were just for a weekend...which this was, but I will most DEFINITELY be going back for longer. My friend from growing up is currently studying in Paris so that was a plus but she ended up not being there that weekend. Not sure that the French men on their little Vespas, the statue I sexually harassed in the Louvre Museum, the chocolate croissants and crepes were ready for us crazy Prague girls.

So, we left Prague on Friday evening, took a 14 hour bus ride through the Czech Republic then Germany and arrived in Paris at about 9 AM.
About 20 things happened in the 14 hours we took over Paris:
1. We first climbed the Eiffel Tower...took the stairs which was the death of us...and got REALLY rained on.
2. Walked around aimlessly with our cameras pointed at anything and everything.
3. Ate some authentic Parisian crepes.
4. Walked along the Seine.
5.  Was asked for directions (compliment, yes) and replied successfully, "je ne parle francias".
6. Went to Champs Elysees Blvd.
7. Saw the Louvre...for real and not on the computer or tv screen.
8. Louvre Museum and hung out with my girl Mona Lisa and saw some other famous paintings and sculptures.
9. Saw the Opera House
10. Walked across the Love Lock Bridge and saw the Univerisdad de France
11. Frolicked down Parisian streets, just as they do in the movies
12. Ate like a non-French woman in a restaurant with delicious steak and french fries
13. Had a chocolate croissant for dessert given to us by a cute French boy
14. Got successfully but happily lost. This led to being a tourist and buying souvenirs.
15. Wandered over to the Notre Dame Cathedral.
16. Had a jaw dropping moment when we stepped foot into the Cathedral.
17. Lit candles in the Cathedral and said "Namaste".
18. Got lost again and had a temporary freak-out moment walking right by the Seine because we couldn't find our tour group.
19. Boarded the night river tour boat, saw the BEAUTIFUL Eiffel Tower at night, shining radiantly even from afar, saw all the bridges and almost got hit in the head by one of them upon going underneath it, saw a majority of Paris' famous buildings/ landmarks from the view of the water.
20. Fought the rain then sadly, got on the bus only to fight the urge to kick the guy across from me for attempting to play footsie every 10 seconds...

Even though I was bummed that my friend was away from Paris, all in all, I would say it was a pretty successful 14 hours in Paris. Until the next time we takeover Paris...

Travel on wanderlusters!

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