Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I expected to wake up this morning to sunshine, birds chirping, smell of coffee coming from my Keurig and do a dramatic getting out of bed scene....nope, clouds, silence (which is SO nice after being in a city the last 5.5 months) and my legs tangled in my comforter. Except I woke up at home, in America, for the first time in almost half a year, so I guess that compensates for the lack of birds chirping, fresh coffee and sunshine. Maybe tomorrow?

I spent my morning wondering why on Earth I was drinking hot coffee (from my Keurig) and a cold fresh fruit smoothie. I was alternating between the two and realized that a) my teeth will be screwed and b) my tummy will not be so happy with me in following minutes. Granted, I was in a daze staring outside and my uber green backyard while I was alternating but I snapped to and decided to focus on drinking the first quality cup I have made in over 5 months. Let me tell you, I cannot make a cup of coffee for shit when in Prague. My coffee machine there is a joke and the instant coffee makes my gag reflex present. You get the idea, right?

Oh and of course I spent my morning in my bed watching Good Morning America and relaxing. I forgot how much I missed the little things about home and everyone at home while I was away at school. I am so happy to be home though and cannot wait to be here again for 4 months if I end up going to Uruguay during the spring of 2014.

I'm spending the day celebrating Father's Day seeing as yesterday I had an array of errands and Sunday, the actual Father's Day, was spent between Barcelona, Geneva and New York City. Most importantly though, I will be writing the posts on my recent travels and the long ago promised GUAM post. I know, I am really late....but it's better than never getting it!

Until then, travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. for a little smile this morning, read this cute story!

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